Practical Course

In the Practical Course offered at the Mobility Services Lab, Master-level students develop and create projects and business ideas for the future of mobility.

In recent years, IT-based innovations increasingly affect the competitiveness in the automotive industry. Therefore, mobility services, i.e. IT-based services in and around the car, gain more and more importance. So far, the conception, creation and testing of such mobility services has been very costly. Hence, it was necessary to provide a software development kit (SDK) for mobility services. An SDK should give the developers the necessary support in order to quickly implement the most innovative ideas.

In this course, offered by the Chair for Information Systems (I17) at Technische Universität München, students are supposed to design and develop novel mobility services in cooperation with several industry partners. Participating students will gain insight into the fundamentals, operating principles, and opportunities for service development on various platforms including smartphones running Android and iOS, and wearables.

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