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In the last session we were introduced to one of the tasks for our final pitch presentation for this practical course, which requires us to make a video to show the audience what our idea is all about. We were also given a brief overview of how to go about managing the story behind the video, the video making hardware and editing software tools that the chair would be able to provide us with, as well as tips on how to make effective videos using a couple of examples from previous batches. This made me wonder about what kind of a role videos can play in a pitch deck, which is what this blog is going to be about.



I’m writing this blog from the perspective of a potential start-up pitching its idea using a pitch deck to possible investors. If the touch point is talking personally to a high net worth investor to whom an introduction is already made, a video probably won’t make much sense to be used. But in all other cases (which account for the majority as well), especially pitching in the context of an organized group of angel investors, it is especially important if executed well. [1]

The idea behind a pitch deck is to provide your audience with a brief overview of the problem identified, your solution, business plan and supporting statistics. I believe that a video, in itself, should definitely not be used to cover the complete A to Z, but only as part of the deck since in person presentation presents a more personalized feeling, and a pitch is all about winning over the minds of the audience. But videos can be particularly good for bits that need consistency and for story depiction. “The main issue with a pitch deck is that it is subject to misinterpretation,” maintains Alex Iskold, managing director of startup accelerator Techstars NYC, on this topic. “Investors get a lot of decks and they tend to skim and glance over them.” He also thinks decks fail to capture the passion founders exhibit when they talk about their companies [3]. So a video as a supporting tool can help ensure consistency and avoid misunderstanding/miscommunication, because it can visually depict the idea and is always the same.

Following is a video pitch that I found particularly interesting and was screened for investors at one of the Demo Days for Techstars:





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