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Climate change is a fact and currently, cars are responsible for around 12% of total EU emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) [1]. Even if our view of mobility are changing and electric cars are about to do their big entrance, cars are still a treat for the environment. So is there something that every car owner can do for the environment? The answer is YES, by driving more eco-friendly. But the environment is not the only winner in this scenario, there are actually several winners here.

Eco-driving has several upsides. By eco-driving, the car uses less fuel, which not only has a smaller impact on the environment. It will save you money, reducing car maintenance expenses and time! Mid-2005 a french system was developed, which provided driver information on smoothness, speed and gear management, produced a 15% reduction in fuel consumption [1].

Which leads us to the second winner; Everyone else.
Not only will you try to make the earth a more sustainable place to live on. But also by eco-driving, the roads will be a safer place. Many of the eco-driving strategies overlap with just safe driving strategies. For example, looking ahead to drive smoothly, maintaining a consistent speed and driving at a slower pace are all eco-driving and safe driving strategies.

So our main goal is to encourage car owners to drive more Eco. With the incitement to save more money, hopefully, this spur will make that more people eco-driving. The following effects will be positive, the roads will be safer and the environment will benefit from less CO2 emissions.

Who will we reach our goal? Our approach to this will be quite different from other “fuel saving”-apps, by trying to make a game out of with. Because just gamification is a powerful tool to improve performance and increase motivation and has been proven to work in other areas [3]. There are also research within this area, which shows that people’s performance improves if they were presented with a number that increased at an increasing velocity. So our idea is by gamification try to encourage people to eco-drive, but it will not be only fun. We will also provide the users with valuable information and suggestions to improve their driving and decrease their fuel consumption (read: save money).

So this will give us three winners. First place; The environment which will not have to struggle with the high amount of CO2. Second place; Yourself, first of all, the environment you breathe and live in will be better and you will drive more safely which will decrease the risk of getting in an accident. And finally, you will save money by decreasing your fuel consumption. Third and last but not least, Everyone else around you. They will be safe on the road with you and live in the same better world with you.

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