Parental Control – What & Why?

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According to Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) Federal Highway Research Institute, September 2016 report major number of accidents involves teen drivers. In the pursuit for making driving safe, we explored ways to reduce teen drivers accident. Parental control could be way to do so. The main advantage of our idea is to give parents the ability to control the driving style of their children, and guide them in the journey from teen to more adulthood. Most of the sports car like BMW are expensive. Even a minor scratch could cause a major burden on the owner pockets. Thus most parents would not like to hand their expensive cars to their kids who are still considered as “risky” on the roads.


Father Teaching Teenage Son To Drive


[A basic supervision.. ensuring safety of teen drivers]

The basic concept behind the application is to access customized data about the car . We developed that idea further and said this would be a perfect concept for new drivers on the road who are not using their own car. Most new drivers start by driving the car of their parents. To keep the parents calm and give them also the ability to check on their car and their child, parental control would suit perfectly.

[A agreement between Parents & Kids – No enforcement from external world]

Parental Control will provide the parents only with the data that the children agree on. We want to encourage the children and the parents to collaborate on that topic. The parents lend their car to their children and the children have to stick to some rules to be allowed to use the car.

[Privacy of teen drivers are protected]

Firstly, we would provide features as current location and current speed to the parents. A very important fact is, that parents can only access information. The parents can not access and control the car from outside in any form while their son/daughter is driving the car. This is very important to mention that for understand our main interest with this application. No video recording or such features are provided. The application ensure privacy of the teen drivers.

[Safe driving is reworded]

Further on we thought about extending this application and add a bonus for the young driver. Parents can assign legal challenges to their children as for example not driving faster than 120 km per hour for 2 weeks. If the child accomplished that he will get some kind of bonus (like free tickers of Allianz Arena)

Our main interest with this application is to encourage a more mindful and careful driving style of young and inexperienced drivers. It is not so much about the concern for the car but for the child that should decrease for the parents.


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  1. Summary
    The Team Hangry comes up with the idea of parental monitoring service to track their kids’ driving behavior. Using the service, parents can know the current location and the current speed of its child’s driving movement and will get an alert once the teen did something that he or she is not supposed to do (e.g. speeding). Parents however can only get to the data that their children agree on, meaning agreement is necessary on both sides. Furthermore, parents cannot control the car that the child uses while driving. This both features protects the teens’ privacy so that parents won’t breach to much into it while using this service.

    Business Potential
    Teen drivers usually won’t have a car on their own and will use their parents’ car when they start on the road. Seeing the fact that teenage drivers cause more accidents than adult drivers, this problem is real and concerning. To avoid accidents from unexperienced driving and also to avoid damage to the cars, we can see that this idea has a great potential for concerned parents on the market.

    The implementation of this idea seems feasible from the data that we get from BMW cars.

    4 existing solutions
    Autobrain (
    This app needs a device to be first installed into the car. Nonetheless, this service has a similar function to the idea of Parental Control though Autobrain is not only limited to teen drivers. There are different modes exist in this app such as Family Mode, Senior Mode, Baby Mode and Teen Mode. They will alert the supervisor based on the modes if the drivers are speeding, drive past curfew (fatal crashes are more likely happen in the night), low fuel, where they last parked and so on. With its simple interface, this app is very friendly to all users from different age range.

    TrueMotion (
    Another solution that we found is called TrueMotion. This app will tell where the family members are and how they got there with the detailed reports on their driving behavior. They have a driving scoring system built in the app to rank each drivers and share the results to the whole family.

    MotoSafety (
    This is another solution that uses device for monitoring. To be able to use the service, a device needs first to be set up in the car and installed. This app monitors location and driving behavior of teen drivers in real time and will show a daily report card of based on this. The system can track speed and will alert the parents if the teen is speeding and also have a built-in motion sensor to detect rapid acceleration or rapid starts.
    One of the most interesting feature from this app is that they have an interactive map boundaries that will let you highlight important locations of the map. Parents can then be alerted when the teen enters or exits these locations.

    Zubie Teen App (
    Zubie Teen App is another parental monitoring app to monitor teen drivers‘ driving behavior. Bad habits like speeding and hard braking will alert the supervisor. Zubie Teen App has also a geo-fence to alert if elderly parents get lost. The app uses real time data and will send real time alerts when the drivers come and go

    Possible enhancements
    For enhancements, it would be great to include rating or some score based on driving reports of a driver so that insights can be gained about the driving behavior. It would also be good to include some “Modes” to enrich the app such as Economy Mode (alert if fuel’s been used excessively) or so.

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