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If you don’t live in a town with an efficient public transportation you may find BlaBlaCar interesting.
In particular if you plan to do a long distance car journey you can insert your ride online, specifying itinerary and price. Then other travellers can contact you with the application or by telephone in order to share the journey saving money. There is also the possibility for women, who don’t feel comfortable sharing a ride with a man they don’t know, to allow members to plan a ride where the driver and all passengers are only women. Furthermore, you are allowed to rate travellers describing how it was your experience and writing comments in order to help other users to choose the best traveller.
In conclusion it is a successful application because it allows people to save money in security.


Turo is a successful car rental application that consists of a mobile and online interface that allows private car owners to rent their vehicles. In a certain sense it is trying to do the same things for automobiles that Airbnb does for apartments exploiting the fact that in the world there are a lot of unused cars. [2] For these reasons it is useful because it allows people to rent the car they want saving up to 35% with respect to traditional agencies and at the same time it make you earn from your car.


ParkWhiz is an application that allow users to find and bool a parking space before reaching their destination. In this way it can help people in saving time for looking for parking and at the same time it makes them avoid expensive and confusing pricing. It can also be considered a B2B application because it creates software for helping parking owners in managing and marketing their spaces.


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