Platform Independent Navigation Service

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The recently developed App at the chair of Information Systems, is a cross-platform and open source navigation service based on OpenStreetMap.

Screen shot - Calculated Route for the user
Screen shot – Calculated Route for the user



Screenshot - Navigation on the way
Screenshot – Navigation on the way

Among quality advantages of this App is using the existing wheel. Proper use of multiple frameworks keep help the power consumption of the code low, keep it easily maintainable and more reliable. Most substantial tool is the OpenStreetMap (OSM) that is the most prominent crowd-sourced and free map there is. Among others, Ionic framework is used in order to mitigate the key requirement of platform independency. GraphHopper is used for querying A-to-B routes. Due to the rich feature set of GraphHopper API, It is possible to include offline caching in future versions of the software, in order to offer some degree of offline routing. Leaflet is an interactive map-viewer that displays a loaded OSM map, and Nominatim can be queried to obtain geographic coordination of a place, having the postal address, and Vice Versa. Use of these frameworks in the App makes it worthwhile also for the newcomers to this field to study this project.

The App has been tested for performance, and evaluated also by a small survey, which shows that more than sixty percent of the people interviewed believe that they would use it and around the same number stated that they would recommend this App. Audio instructions and offline functionality seem to be very important to the users, and can be considered as the next step towards development. In case you are interested, feel free to visit the project on Github!

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