Sharing our experience with 360 degree videos

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In the following we want to speak about the key learnings we made during filming and video editing:

  • The resolution of the gear 360 is limited. Make sure that you are not relying on some small details you hope will be visible when watching the film. We wrote something on a whiteboard with a thick black marker and when watching the film, we saw nothing.
  • Think about the angle user are experiencing the video: In our opinion it is best to place the camera on eye height or are least chest height. After filming, there is no possibilty to change this.
  • When using the gear 360 you have to convert the video before using it in adobe premiere pro. If you use the Gear 360 Action Director for this task (recommended) you either need a valid key or use this trick: Go offline before starting the program and you get 30 days of trial. If it still asks for a valid key you can take even an already used one (use google) if you make sure you are not connected to the internet while startin the program.
  • It is possible to use big 2d pictures and insert them into the video material. For some pictures (like mountain panorama) this looks quite good because the vr glasses will make it look like you are high in the air looking down a valley.
  • If you are looking for licence free music you can try this website:
  • If you are working on a low-end computer or laptop, encoding with a lot of layers quickly can take multiple hours.
  • Uploading on YouTube can lead to an error message. There are multiple reasons for this. One mistake we made was not to use the H.264 encoding.

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