Creating nice mockups with Balsamiq

As most of the other teams in our course, we the Total Motion Team, used mockups to illustrate our userflow. For this task we evaluated a bunch of different mockup software, including Balsamiq mockups.

We decided to use Balsamiq mockups due to different reasons:

  1. During the first steps of the app development process, it is better to have a simple mockup tool, that focuses on the basics. You will not get distracted by the vast amount of design options other tools offer, but you will focus on the most important features only. (Of course, for the later stages, more detailed mockups are useful)
  2. Balsamiq is really simple to use. It offers simple drag&drop interfaces and has icons from FontAwesome included. You will produce nice results after just a few minutes.
  3. We already knew Balsamiq from other projects a year ago, and therefore had already experience with it. Nevertheless, we did look for an alternative, but found Balsamiq still the most useful tool.
  4. Balsamiq comes as a 30 days trial version! For most university projects the 30 days free trial is more than sufficient.


So for your next mockup project, give Balsamiq a try! If you want to know how to build a clickable prototype after you finished your mockups, read Philipps post here.



Balsamiq offers a nice and tidy user interface that lets you focus on the most important thing: your prototype.


It offers a variety of standardized icons and templates.



You can also include own images into your mockup.

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