User Interface Design

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In this week’s session the teams presented their current prototype. I found it interesting to see, how every team chose a different approach. Team Hangry presented a well-advanced frontend with a very pleasant user interface design, that only needs very … Continued

Review on pitch video by ZBOARD

posted in: General | 0   We like the presentation of ZBOARD since the presenter has a good script which delivers important points about the product in one minute. He also included the sales numbers which was the key point to convince the judges … Continued

Feedback on Fleet Management

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Summary The Fleet Management service offers companies, which own BMW cars, to track their employees’ driving behaviour and grade them in a points based system. Based on these driver points, the company can reward or penalize its employees to encourage … Continued

Advertisement Pitch Review

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I liked below points about the pitch video that I watched some days before on the below link, the things that I like about this pitch are, Development of storyline and clear conveying of idea  Already started prototype and have … Continued

ECO – Born 2 Be Innovative 2.0

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Climate change is a fact and currently, cars are responsible for around 12% of total EU emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) [1]. Even if our view of mobility are changing and electric cars are about to do their big entrance, … Continued

Parental Control – What & Why?

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Introduction According to Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) Federal Highway Research Institute, September 2016 report major number of accidents involves teen drivers. In the pursuit for making driving safe, we explored ways to reduce teen drivers accident. Parental control could be … Continued

Maintenance – Know how to fix it

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In our last blog post, we discussed about our findings from the interview, which we conducted for our need-finding task. In addition to the navigation, other important area which was mentioned by many users, was maintenance. This invoked our investigation … Continued

Imagine all the people

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This week we had the task to create personas, but what is a persona?? A persona, (also user persona, customer persona, buyer persona) in user-centered design and marketing is a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a … Continued