Elevator Pitch of CupAd

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Founder Josh Light Idea Advertisement on coffee cups as one of the most effective ways of advertisements. Every time a customer picks up his cup and enjoys his hot drink the ads comes right in his field of vision.   … Continued

Feedback for The3Mobiliteers

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Summary : Underground is a mobile application targeted for subway usages to get relevant connection information and also sales discounts on local shops. It also provides a location based chat system to ask strangers about the city and area. Will be … Continued

Feedback for Mobility Warriors

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Summary of the idea The mobility warriors want to provide a platform that allows for grouping individual travels and offering trips at lower costs than competitors. Because a sufficient number of people has to be interested in a specific trip, … Continued

Feedback for Mobility Rul0rz

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Summary of the idea MVG crowder helps public transportation users to receive more relevant and reliable information in case of delays and outage. Therefore, mobility Rul0rz tries to use the knowledge of the crowd. Business potential Sitting in a train … Continued

Pitch Feedback – Mobiliteers

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Idea: UNDERGROUND Personal assistant for public transportation for customers as data collector for PT Providers. Connects people while using public transportation via chat, provides information from “Münchner Fenster”, and provides shopping deals of local shops. Business Potential Chances: Local expertise, … Continued

Great Pitch by Saddl

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“Anything. Anytime. Anyplace. Why wait?” (George from Saddl) Saddl is an on-demand delivery platform that enables you to ship everything tailored to the preferences of you as a customer within 60 minutes. Pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1GTnaFA5gw Why do we like this pitch? It … Continued

Feedbacks MVG Crowder – Mobility Rul0rz

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Summary : MVG Crowder is a crowd-source based app to share real time information about the technical outages and other faults in subways and local trains. Mobility providers can verify the information.   Business Potential What is Good : – The … Continued

Pitch Feedback – Warriors

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Warriors Idea Platform for grouping individual rides Business Potential Chances: Huge Market, Everyone needs to travel Risks: High user threshold , Dependency on partners Feasibility Easy to provide platform, but challenge of involving partners and guaranteeing the service. Possible Enhancements How … Continued

Wireframe and UI/ UX Tools

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Creating wireframes with Lucidchart Lucidchart is a cloud-based diagramming program for making flowcharts, network diagrams and even creating wireframes. Lucidchart is in the browser and documents are accessible from anywhere. For working in a team on the same document this … Continued

Prototyping Tools – A Comparison

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For our prototyping phase, we experimented with different mockup tools and their presentation. In the following, we want to share our experience with you. POP Prototyping on Paper App that helps you prototyping and testing an app idea super quickly just … Continued