Brillo for IoT

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“The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.” … Continued

Democracy in the Smart City

Some of you might remember our idea presentation session, where we presented our three initial ideas. One of our ideas was CPP (City Participation Platform), which enables citizens to participate more in political decisions concerning their respective cities.    This … Continued

Who drives electrical vehicles?

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You think young and hip urban residents drive electric vehicles?Think again! A recent study of “Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt” (DLR) showed, that different user groups add e-mobility as modus of transportation first. Based on this study, the average first user … Continued

Energy Independence

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Inspired by the previous Blog-Post, I want to write about Elon Musk and his vision of electricity as a future energy source. Musk introduced the Tesla Powerwall, a wall-mounted lithium-ion electric battery for homes and small businesses and the Tesla … Continued

SUPERCHARGERS for Electric Vehicles

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Human survival and societal interaction is highly depended on the ability to move people and goods. Efficient mobility systems are the leading facilitators of economic development. Cities could not survive and global trade could not arise without systems to transport … Continued

Genesis of Smart Cities

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While going through the blog posts about Smart cities and their suggested Frameworks, stakeholders and their characteristics etc., an idea stuck in to my mind as to how a smart city project can successfully be executed. Initially it was planned … Continued

Introducing Dinnerbell

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In vast, modern cities there is one thing that especially suffers from the continuous standardization: food. That is why we created DinnerBell. The Problem The high popularity of food chains comes along with a massive standardization of food. What suffers the … Continued

The all-new COSO

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What is stronger than a small community? Right, a bigger community. With COSO, we establish a community of small local retailers and boutiques, that can provide their products to a local customer base.   In the app you get access … Continued

Barcelona as a Smart City

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When trying to create some new innovative smart city project, the first thing to do would be researching how far such projects have gone in real life. Is the technology actually being used in order to improve people’s daily life, … Continued

Metropolitan Solutions Conference in Berlin

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Check out what decision makers from industry and public adminsitration discuss at the Metropolitan Solutions Conference in Berlin, starting tomorrow. Magazine: Website:

Visio.M project along with the ASB

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Since we have received the the tutorial about the Automotive Service Bus, which we will use for our first rough prototype, I did some more research regarding this topic, in order to get a better understanding of this project. In … Continued

Summary of Immaginovation’s presentation

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Today we want to give you a short status overview of our idea from last Wednesday’s session, due to the fact that the presentations haven’t been attended by the other groups. After analysing the Feedback from the poster session, we … Continued

Smart Cities in India

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100 Smart Cities! India is urbanizing rapidly. Over 600 million are estimated to be living in cities by 2030 [1]. Ahead of his election in May 2004 Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised 100 so-called smart cities by 2022 to help meet this … Continued

Remark to the ASB tutorial

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Hello everyone, I’ve just noticed something during working through the AutomotiveServiceBus tutorial, which might be helpful for you as well. I had quite some trouble building the ASB with maven. Actually during the compilation, some classes could not be found. I figured, … Continued

Smart City Framework

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A Smart City Framework(SCF) is a transparent decision methodology that enables all the stakeholders to plan and implement Smart City initiatives more effectively. Most of the cities undergo this process in an intuitive way rather than in a clearly structured … Continued

Smartest cities?

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„The winner’s podium of the world’s “smartest” cities is occupied by Tokyo, London and New York, respectively, according to the IESE Cities in Motion Index (ICIM), supervised by IESE’s J.E. Ricart and Pascual Berrone.” 1 This is the conclusion of a research in which 135 cities … Continued

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