Creation of the Project Journal

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We have met several times and discussed about the different topics. Unfortunately it is not clear what is expected of us. What should the project journal contain and as well we do not know in what detail and form it … Continued

The poster design

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Designing a poster for our team was a bit of a challenge because we are not designers. We tried to do a poster that conveyed the problem, the idea, and the implementation of our solution. That was a bit difficult … Continued

V!Fit Crowdsourcing

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As we mentioned in our TicketAid features, crowdsourcing is one of our main sources of data input. Since TicketAid would provide different kinds of available tickets to users in different cities/countries/regions. We need to fetch useful data from different websites, e.g. … Continued

Kickoff Project Journal

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This morning we met on Hangouts and discussed our further proceeding. We decided to start with collecting the time frames and combining it with our blogposts to get a timeline of events. Tonight we meet again for further talking.

Services vs Controllers

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Our server controllers contain the application logic. The grails documentation specifies that as a bad practice and is discouraging embedding the core application logic inside controllers, as it does not promote reuse and a clean seperation of concerns. For that … Continued

V!FIT – Getting Everything Ready

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The last couple of days we were rushing to get everything ready before the final presentation. That means finalising the editing of the video after the feedback we got and taking the pictures of our use case so that it … Continued

V!fit – Rethinking the video

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After getting some useful feedback on the video, we discussed the best way to change it. One important point was to shorten the whole video as ours had gotten a bit too long. We decided to shorten the first part, … Continued