V!Fit Progress on native Google Glass app

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Besides the Augmented Reality service part, our native google glass app also made some progress. We use the Android location manager to get the current location via network(e.g. wifi). And then try to fetch the nearest public transportation station(e.g. railway … Continued

Backend/Data design

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Car Assist is devided into Model, View and Controller to handle data storage, OBD and user input, as well as user output. These different parts need to match of course. That means all necessary information for the different workflows need … Continued

Is Glass dead?

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On January 15 Google announced that they will be “closing the Explorer Program so we can focus on what’s coming next”. They also send an email to the members of the explorer program ” It’s been an exciting ride. Since … Continued

Architectural design

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In the beginning of the implementation it is useful to design the application. This means to create necessary classes and interfaces as well as public signatures. Beside the basic structure, this proceeding provides the possibility to split the implementation into … Continued

V!FIT: Progress and Spiegel

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In the last week we completed the dummy click app and improved our architecture diagram. Currently we are making the last changes for our storyboard. The demo app is getting along, as we now have a server available, and we … Continued

V!Fit Building prototype

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As described in last post, we divided our tasks to different team members. After several days working, we finally have something on Google Glass. We created the mockups for prototype. We also designed our app’s architecture. Then, we created dummy … Continued

Modeling Scenarios And Designing Mock-Ups

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Over the last weeks, we developed concrete scenarios and activities that will be supported by our app. More specifically, we decided to focus on two concrete activities to which we refer as ‘workflows’: – Checking/Refilling coolant water – Jump-starting While … Continued

Team Mellow – Field study

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Last week I went skiing and I used the trip to collect information for our app. While skiing I had Google MyTracks active to track the path I was going. The tracking itself was no problem and did not cost … Continued

V!fit – getting it on

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We already started testing the google glass for Augmented Reality during the christmas break. We now know for sure that the battery life is quite short and the GG quickly overheats. However, AR is definitely a possibility. All of our … Continued

Why we decided to use GitHub

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We had the choice of using three different tools for a repository, but after a brief discussion, we decided to use GitHub. I would like to say something about the different types of repositories, which are mainly used to manage code … Continued

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