V!Fit: Business model report

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With the help of feedback obtained in the last meeting we went to create detailed report for our business model. We distributed the task in between our team and everybody got a specific task to complete. We also looked a … Continued

Charging Google Glass

Last Wednesday we received our units of Google Glass. The next day (Thursday) I wanted to set it up, so I could install some sample applications and see different concepts in action. Unfortunately, it was not turning on when I pressed the power … Continued

Cut down in salary

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we saw a lot of different approaches on the business models, some good one, some that were even better and some that were lacking numbers to demonstrate their market potential. But there was one statement that was discussed several times … Continued

Team V!fit: Business Plan

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We were happily surprised with the news today that every team has a Google Glass available for this practical course. Thanks again!! The feedback we got during the meeting was good and we have a lot of work to do … Continued

SWOT analysis

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The SWOT analysis is an important or at least useful part of the business plan. Name name ‘SWOT’ stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads – 4 basic categories to rank the application within the market, identify it’s capability and … Continued

Finalizing our presentation

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Today we had our meeting to finalize the presentation for tomorrow.  We adopted the feedback from the last presentation, made a compare of the competitors, did some market research and finalized the calculation of the estimated market size in Germany … Continued

V!FIT 14.12

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We had a meeting on Sunday the 14th. During the previous week, everyone of us worked on the business model and the business model canvas. We’ve been doing research on how to do a perfect business model that covers all … Continued

Business Plan

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The goal for the next task is to create a business plan. A couple of our team members had already done the business plan seminar at the UnternehmerTUM so we had some background knowledge about this topic, thou that knowledge … Continued

V!Fit: Business model

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After the week of brainstorming about business model, today our whole team met in the Campus in order to discuss about the findings of each member research on the business plan. We searched a lot about business model canvas template … Continued

V!Fit: Progress business model

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During the final idea meeting we received quite positive feedback and some suggestions to improve our revenue generation model. Also the task for business idea presentation moved us forward to look business model in more details. We all took the … Continued

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