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After the chair review, we met together to plan our next steps. We had two options. Either to change the idea completely or to continue working on the Travel Aid App and enhance the idea to make it more suitable … Continued

Review of team Möbius

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Last week we reviewed the idea of team “Möbius”. This was an interesting activity because different people that are not as involved in the topic, as the creater team, have different views on it. The first part was about the problem and idea itself. … Continued

Feedback in Chair Review

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Yesterday we went to Garching, in order to brief our idea within the chair review. Starting at approximately 12:30 we first presented the mobility problem, the resulting idea and our monetization idea. Afterwards we had around a 30 minute discussion. … Continued


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We decided to create some GUI mockups for our refined idea. First we conducted a quick search of the available tools on the internet. The outcome of the search comprised of a quite big list of tools: Fluid UI Android … Continued

Team V!Fit: Peer review preparation

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After doing multiple iterations over our idea we compiled a version for peer review. The document mainly contained problem statement, proposed solution with Google glass, Business model and use case scenario. We shared the document with the team responsible for … Continued

Choosing an idea

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After having reviewed our ideas and thought about the feedback in the poster session, we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t simply take one of our original ideas. Especially two points have bothered us during the review. First, we … Continued

Friend radar – peer review

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The peer review gave some interesting hints on what can be improved or changed in our application – although there are some aspects we do not agree with or which were somehow misunderstood. In the following there are some of … Continued

Friend radar – GUI for Google Glass

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Beside the organisational unit, so mobile phone or web app, which allows to organise trips, it is, of course, necessary to have an idea about the Google Glass user interface. We therefore developed how the screen of Google Glass could … Continued

Team V!fit: Improving our idea

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We did a questionnaire concerning the ticket aid idea. We got some useful and some less useful response. Our questions were: Do you know which ticket to buy when you are travelling? What difficulty do you face while using (different) … Continued

Posters and Ideas – Team Mellow

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Poster Session On wednesday we had our first poster session.  After having introduced our mobility problems and potential solutions, we had a vivid discussion about our ideas with our fellow students, the advisors and the external partner representatives, Dr. Sabine … Continued

Solving some mobility problems

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We’ve had many sessions, where we’ve discussed what kind of mobility service we could offer, but couldn’t find the optimal solution which would satisfy every team member.  After meeting to create the posters, we have started brainstorming some completely new … Continued

Connected Glass

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One of the most difficult questions to answer during the course of the Praktikum so far, at least for me, has been answering the question, what to do with Glass? It has not been a problem of coming up with … Continued

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