Mobile Emulator

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On last friday there the majority of teams presented a mobile web-site as their prototype. I spent some time to search for a mobile browser that I can launch locally to debug the website. Here’s the tool I found: Opera … Continued

Hydrogen-powered cars

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Besides the trend for e-mobility there are also other trends that are competing to detach classical combustion engines. One approach is to use hydrogen as fuel. One big disadvantage is that it is highly dangerous to handle and can explode … Continued

Self Driving Car without Google?

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This startup wants to beat companies like Google when it comes to self driving cars. They want to make existing cars self driving. And that by 2016. Would anybody use this?

Harley Davidson announces electric motorbike

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Harley Davidson recently announced their first electric motorbike under the name “Project LimeWire“, which will go into the pilot phase in the US, followed by the European and Canadian markets next year. But wait… what does an electric motorbike … Continued

Is Integrated Mobility the future?

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The term “Integrated Mobility” basically describes the combination of various types of mobility to guarantee more efficient travel both for the individual as well as for society. Various factors play a part in making integrated mobility possible, and information technology is one … Continued

Tesla shares patents

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In the past we heard about plans from Tesla Motors to share their patents. In a blog post the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, now announced that they would not pursue any company using their patents. In his eyes, the most … Continued

These questions should be answered on Wednesday

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Just in time for your presentation on Wednesday some important issues you have to address in your business concepts: When describing his/her business idea, the entrepreneur should answer the following questions: a. What is my product/service? b. What does my product/service do? c. How … Continued

The result of the Daimler – Tesla cooperation: A Mercedes B-Class

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On the one hand Tesla and Toyota terminate their cooperation ( on the other hand Tesla’s partner Daimler presents the electric Mercedes B-Class. By using Tesla’s powertrain and batteries Daimler saves two years of development time and a lot of … Continued

Privacy problems with charging stations

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German researchers have found that charging stations currently leak usage data which can be used to create a trail of a user. Therefore new privacy concerns arise, which have to be addressed. With every new technology come new potential problems and … Continued

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