Creation of the Project Journal

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We have met several times and discussed about the different topics. Unfortunately it is not clear what is expected of us. What should the project journal contain and as well we do not know in what detail and form it … Continued

Kickoff Project Journal

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This morning we met on Hangouts and discussed our further proceeding. We decided to start with collecting the time frames and combining it with our blogposts to get a timeline of events. Tonight we meet again for further talking.

Services vs Controllers

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Our server controllers contain the application logic. The grails documentation specifies that as a bad practice and is discouraging embedding the core application logic inside controllers, as it does not promote reuse and a clean seperation of concerns. For that … Continued

Making of the Video

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Yesterday the video was (almost) finished, it has some miner inconsistencies but is ready for the presentation today. It will be finalized for the presentation at BMW. I didn’t really know how much efford had to be put into the … Continued

Server update

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The server’s json response contained, in addition to the required for the android and glass app properties, also properties like “class” and “id” that are used by grails for persisting the domain model in the database. According to the documentation, … Continued

Server implementation

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Currently our backend server has five controllers managing the domain model and one main controller for the methods: getRoutes() – finds suitable routes based on the input criteria; saveRoute() – saves a route in the database Input criteria includes: longitude … Continued

Update Mellow Android App

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After the prototype show last week, we integrated the feedback into the Android application. We edited the icons to be more self explaining and tuned for some performance under the hood. Also we thought about what examples to show in … Continued

Google Glass Location Services

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In the first homework we had the opportunity to work with the location services of Google Glass and have gathered out many useful insights. Since location services are one major point of RoutEm we continued and further investigated what the … Continued

Communication between Glass & Phone

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Since the route is chosen on a mobile device but the navigation happens on the Google Glass there needs to be a channel between those devices for communication. There are several ways that can enable that kind of communication. Hybrid … Continued

Technical Concept Overview

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We have analyzed and partially realized the technical concept of our application. We are using a Sprint Web Server in order to get and save routes. In our Android application we are able to search/filter for specific routes and also … Continued

Domain model

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For creating the domain model of our application, we evaluated different UML modelling tools. The list can be seen below: IBM Rational Software Architect Microsoft Visio ARIS Visual Paradigm Dia Visual Paradigm was best suited for our needs and was … Continued

Some ideas about the movie

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Last week we had a meeting to brainstorm some ideas about the movie we have to make. Some funny ideas came up, but we summerized the best two ones: – Making a commercial like movie, where we do different kinds … Continued

Development Android

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We decided to divide the programming part into three parts. The backend, the Android app and the Glass app. I am responsible for the Android part. First of all, I took the already existing design prototype and started adding features … Continued

The future of Google Glass

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Recent developments In one of our meetings last week we were discussing the current development of Google Glass. As you probably know, in mid january Google announced to stop its production.  At this time it seemed that the company was still … Continued

Team Mellow – Field study

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Last week I went skiing and I used the trip to collect information for our app. While skiing I had Google MyTracks active to track the path I was going. The tracking itself was no problem and did not cost … Continued

Why we decided to use GitHub

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We had the choice of using three different tools for a repository, but after a brief discussion, we decided to use GitHub. I would like to say something about the different types of repositories, which are mainly used to manage code … Continued

Development with Glass vol.1

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The first application we created for Google Glass was developed in Eclipse IDE it was relatively hard because the IDE did not offer any real features to ease the development for Google Glass applications. After reading the development guilds we … Continued

Finalizing our presentation

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Today we had our meeting to finalize the presentation for tomorrow.  We adopted the feedback from the last presentation, made a compare of the competitors, did some market research and finalized the calculation of the estimated market size in Germany … Continued

Business Plan

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The goal for the next task is to create a business plan. A couple of our team members had already done the business plan seminar at the UnternehmerTUM so we had some background knowledge about this topic, thou that knowledge … Continued

Review of team Möbius

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Last week we reviewed the idea of team “Möbius”. This was an interesting activity because different people that are not as involved in the topic, as the creater team, have different views on it. The first part was about the problem and idea itself. … Continued

Feedback in Chair Review

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Yesterday we went to Garching, in order to brief our idea within the chair review. Starting at approximately 12:30 we first presented the mobility problem, the resulting idea and our monetization idea. Afterwards we had around a 30 minute discussion. … Continued


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We decided to create some GUI mockups for our refined idea. First we conducted a quick search of the available tools on the internet. The outcome of the search comprised of a quite big list of tools: Fluid UI Android … Continued

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