The poster design

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Designing a poster for our team was a bit of a challenge because we are not designers. We tried to do a poster that conveyed the problem, the idea, and the implementation of our solution. That was a bit difficult … Continued

OBD simulation

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One essential part of the application ‘Car Assist’ is the OBD data. It is meant to start workflows, improve the information provided and transition between activities. All those 3 different tasks of OBD data can be seen in the coolant … Continued

Next steps

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At the last presentation session, we finally had the chance to present our prototype and to get feedback from other students and the tutors. We already started incorporating the feedback into our app and also improving the menu where workflows … Continued

Integration Testing

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After finishing the OBD simulator backend, we started creating the interface between the simulator and the actual Glass app. At first, we ran into a few problems because the simulator uses Server-Sent-Events (SSE) for pushing updates to its clients and … Continued

OBD backend

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In order to offer assistance exactly when it is needed and to run the supporting workflows more efficiently, our app will fetch technical data from the car in real-time.  For this, we are planning to use the OBD interface that … Continued

Backend/Data design

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Car Assist is devided into Model, View and Controller to handle data storage, OBD and user input, as well as user output. These different parts need to match of course. That means all necessary information for the different workflows need … Continued

Is Glass dead?

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On January 15 Google announced that they will be “closing the Explorer Program so we can focus on what’s coming next”. They also send an email to the members of the explorer program ” It’s been an exciting ride. Since … Continued

Architectural design

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In the beginning of the implementation it is useful to design the application. This means to create necessary classes and interfaces as well as public signatures. Beside the basic structure, this proceeding provides the possibility to split the implementation into … Continued

Modeling Scenarios And Designing Mock-Ups

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Over the last weeks, we developed concrete scenarios and activities that will be supported by our app. More specifically, we decided to focus on two concrete activities to which we refer as ‘workflows’: – Checking/Refilling coolant water – Jump-starting While … Continued

Do not fool the user

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During the development of the first ‘workflows’, it becomes clear that we need to assist users on the one hand side, but do not make a fool on them or their competence on the other side. A workflow is a … Continued

Charging Google Glass

Last Wednesday we received our units of Google Glass. The next day (Thursday) I wanted to set it up, so I could install some sample applications and see different concepts in action. Unfortunately, it was not turning on when I pressed the power … Continued

Cut down in salary

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we saw a lot of different approaches on the business models, some good one, some that were even better and some that were lacking numbers to demonstrate their market potential. But there was one statement that was discussed several times … Continued

SWOT analysis

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The SWOT analysis is an important or at least useful part of the business plan. Name name ‘SWOT’ stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads – 4 basic categories to rank the application within the market, identify it’s capability and … Continued

Split-up group

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… of course this does not mean that our teams gets dissolved. But furthermore that we need in parallel as there are different tasks to do. Beside the well-known task of writing blog posts, the focus lays on the business … Continued

Changing topic

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Our idea on ‘friend radar’ was not that bad in general, but the feedback we got from the reviewing team as well as from the chair pointed out, that there are quite similar approaches on several other platforms. That means when … Continued

Friend radar – peer review

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The peer review gave some interesting hints on what can be improved or changed in our application – although there are some aspects we do not agree with or which were somehow misunderstood. In the following there are some of … Continued

Friend radar – GUI for Google Glass

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Beside the organisational unit, so mobile phone or web app, which allows to organise trips, it is, of course, necessary to have an idea about the Google Glass user interface. We therefore developed how the screen of Google Glass could … Continued

Connected Glass

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One of the most difficult questions to answer during the course of the Praktikum so far, at least for me, has been answering the question, what to do with Glass? It has not been a problem of coming up with … Continued

OK Glass, where is my car?

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The most frequent answer I got when asking about problems or inconveniences in mobility (especially when asking about car driving specifically) was parking. There are two sides to the parking problem though: Finding an available parking spot Finding your car … Continued

Friend radar

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As a result of more and more discussions with friends, neighbours and within the group, we are able to come up with great ideas for the mobility application using Google Glass. One of this ideas could be named “friend radar”. … Continued

Idea or no idea

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The current task is to find any ideas for an application using Google Glass and addressing a problem in relation to mobility. That means there are some technical limitations like the small or transcendent screen as well as some functional, … Continued

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