AR Smart City Services in Mobile Devices

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The Idea of Augmented Reality which is based on modifying the displayed information of the real world already exists in the early 90s. But unfortunately, the technology was never expanded due to its technical limitation in the early times. With … Continued

Smart City Slams in Munich

The notion “smart city” has become synonymous for future developments of modern cities. Thus, Munich provided a so-called “Smart City Slam” on June 09th, 2015 where experts had to inspire 100 guest of their smart city vision:    

Private carsharing

When thinking of carsharing people mostly think of professional carsharing providers like Car2go or DriveNow. A new business called ‘Drivy’ wants to change that. Drivy makes it possible for private persons to rent cars from other private people. The carsharers … Continued

Saturday Hackaday

Today, team Totalmotion is working hard on realizing our first prototype. We realize COSO on the Android platform.   First, we decided on features we want to implement. Most important thing is the Login – basically the central feature in our … Continued

Intelligent Infrastructure : a Siemens’ way

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It is a simple reporting blog post relating to Siemens’ approach about infrastructural aspects in modern cities. To make a city sustainable and intelligent enough to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants, an intelligent infrastructure is necessary. Graphics have … Continued

Imaginnovation’s User Flow

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After the last session concerning the User Flow of our application WhoElse, we got valuable feedback from the instructors and colleagues. Based on that, we redesigned our User Flow, focusing on the proposed changes. In the following sections of this … Continued

BMW i3: A car as an ATM?

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Next to autonomously driving cars we also want to show you one of the most recent smart city service developments of the polish bank ‘Idea bank’. They combined a BMW i3 with an ATM. Not really an ATM, since it … Continued

What could be between the future and today?

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Hi guys! As my colleague Simon mentioned, the German big players are a bit reserved at presenting new and extraordinary prototypes. In my opinion it’s not only the industry but rather the users (that’s us) that might be a bit … Continued

Google introduces: Sidewalk Labs

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A new company, that will try to make living in the city easier by developing new urban products, platform and partnerships has emerged: Google’s Sidewalk Labs Larry Page, Google’s CEO made the announcement on his official Google Plus Page. He … Continued

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