Introducing Dinnerbell

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In vast, modern cities there is one thing that especially suffers from the continuous standardization: food. That is why we created DinnerBell. The Problem The high popularity of food chains comes along with a massive standardization of food. What suffers the … Continued

The all-new COSO

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What is stronger than a small community? Right, a bigger community. With COSO, we establish a community of small local retailers and boutiques, that can provide their products to a local customer base.   In the app you get access … Continued

TiME Service

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When I started to think about a topic to write a blog entry for Smart mobility or smart city services, I first considered to write about small moving grids and the future carrier of electricity as utility[1] of smart cities, … Continued


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We really enjoyed the first kickoff! This is the list of possible ideas you came up with in about 15 minutes. Use it as an inspiration. However, we expect you to achieve way more than that Combine the ideas, invert them … Continued